Two week update

Hi there,

As it’s been two weeks since we announced the cancellation of oss2012, I wanted to send a quick update refunds, communication, and what happens next.


Please please please, do NOT use Twitter to contact us. I could go into the myriad of reasons as to why it’s unsuitable for direct 1-to-1 communication, but I’ll leave it to this: we simply won’t be using Twitter to communicate about oss2012 anymore, other than to point to our news stories. So please, use e-mail, or if you’d prefer you can call me personally (+44 7788 718382), but any twitter messages will just go unanswered.


I understand that people want to be kept up to date, and I can appreciate why. But we’re dealing with refunds for 100s of people, across multiple systems and countries – and as I’m sure you’re all aware, banks and organisations are not the easiest to deal with (especially those organisations living under the Homeland Security act, which is slowing things down immensely).

To that end, I have tried to hold off communicating until we have something concrete to say. To those who have felt aggrieved at not receiving daily updates on their personal status, I apologise, but that won’t be changing in the future either.


* If you paid by PayPal:

The good news is that we never received your money, the bad news is that because of that, we can’t give it back to you. We’re continuing to try and solve this with PayPal, but to no avail. I strongly suggest that you refund this purchase through PayPal yourself – as this will be the quickest solution.

I can’t apologise enough for this, but truly, its out of our hands. At this point in time, PayPal have entirely locked us out of our account.

* If you paid through EventBrite’s card processing:

About 20% of you will have had your refunds processed already. The other 80% are going to have to bear with us a bit longer. You’ll be glad to know that your money is on the penultimate leg of it’s trip back to you. As per EventBrite’s ToS we have had to wire the full amount to them as a business to business transaction; which thanks to certain US-only laws, won’t have cleared in their back accounts until Monday next week. As of yesterday, its entirely out of our hands, and Eventbrite will have the money refunded to you ASAP.

I completely understand any frustration in how slow this all appears, but rest assured this process is going as fast as it possibly could. Hopefully, those of you still waiting on a refund will have it by next week.

Expenses Occurred

As I said in my original e-mail, I will attempt to cover any un-usable expenses occurred (travel, accommodation) by delegates who purchased a ticket. In order to do this, I require a receipt/proof-of-purchase as a PDF, with your full bank details e-mailed to me BEFORE the Friday 17th February. I have a meeting my bank manager that morning about how much money I can borrow against my property.

I’m not claiming to be able to cover everything, but I will cover what I can. But please, you must ensure that I have all receipts as a PDF before that date.

What’s Next?

I believe that there is a strong desire from some people based in Edinburgh for an event of some kind to take place on the dates of oss2012.

While I’m 100% in favour of this, it has nothing to do with us, so at this point in time I have no details to pass on. As soon as I do, I’ll let you know, and hopefully something good can come of this.

Thank You all for your patience.

Take Care,